Monday, June 13, 2016

That Kitchen Sink Still in Progress

In order not to bore you to death with never ending pictures of my fabulous vacation I'm posting my progress on the Kitchen Sink quilt. I am managing to do some sewing as well as gardening and dreaded house work in between culling European photos.
I found this rust yardage in my stash for the setting triangles and the pattern called for cutting those out in advance of piecing the rows together, sort of cutting on faith in my book since I usually measure the blocks and cut the setting triangles based on that measurement. No finished block size given here though.

This quilt is put together differently than any other I've ever worked on and my feeble brain has had a hard time figuring it out. I absolutely never would have been able to master it without my design wall. Instead of sewing the units into blocks and the blocks into rows the quilt is pieced singly unit by unit. I know, why you ask? I tried to figure out if I could sew blocks in defiance of the directions and I just confused myself more because there is only a diagram to go by so it was necessary for me to lay the whole thing out on the design wall and sew each piece together very carefully.
I'm trying to show you in these pictures that these are not blocks on the wall but single units being pieced one at a time into rows. The advantage to this method is being able to get the color placement just right. The disadvantage is that it's slow work and lord help me if the units fall off the wall!
The top half is all joined together and working on the bottom rows.
After two intense days of piecing I'm ready to join the top and bottom halves together. I made those setting triangles bigger than the pattern suggested just to give myself some fudge factor. I'd rather have room to trim than come up short on that outside edge.
Made it! It all went together just as it should with a lot of re-checking as I went along. Back to the stash to find fabric for the borders. What do you think of these?
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  1. Oh my! I caught myself holding my breath as I was scrolling through the photos. It is a beautiful quilt and the rust fabric is perfect for the setting triangles. Hard to choose a border fabric but I'm leaning towards the green one you have on top.

  2. Jeanna we were both holding our breath with these blocks believe me! I love that green fabric too but I only have a quarter yard so it would only work for a small inner border. I'll post with the solution I came up with. Congratulations on your son's Navy promotion I know you are so proud of him.

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  4. I haven't seen this pattern before and like it!!! It's going to be a finish you'll be proud of!

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