Monday, June 6, 2016

Our Day in Bergamo

With Cernobbio as our base we set off on a day trip to the Town of Bergamo in the Lombardy region. Billed as one of the best preserved examples of a Renaissance walled city in Northern Italy it did not disappoint.
Photo credit Google Images
Our local guide Beranice was born in the city and led us through a maze of cobblestoned streets to the tallest point on the wall. You can see it there on the right of the photo - the bell tower. In medieval times sentries were always posted on the tower to warn of impending danger and ring the bells to call to arms. We took time on our own to explore the old city.
The base of the tower has a commanding view of the valley below.
As we climbed we had a wonderful vista over the city itself.
The central square nearly deserted on this chilly day in late April. See that clock tower? More climbing and more spectacular views.
The grand Cathedral and Colleoni Chapel
You see why the original builders chose this site for their walled city. High on the hill there is a 360 degree view.
Back down to earth and visit to the wonderful, ornate Cathedral or I should say Cathedrals since there seemed to be two amazing churches built side by side and added to over the centuries.
Winding our way to the entrance we would never guess the splendor inside. 

Stone lions marked the way. 
Gold leaf everywhere and of course I can see a quilt pattern in the floor can you?
Back outside in the town square Paolo and Beranice greeted us with a special treat. Polenta e Osei.
A bird’s nest cake made of a soft sponge cake filled with hazelnut cream that is rolled in a yellow fondant and topped with baby birds made from chocolate marzipan. A delicacy that can be found nowhere else it is Bergamo's signature dessert.
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  1. Loving all the photos you have posted. What a wonderful trip!

    1. I worry that I may bore you to death but I want ot document the trip on the blog and share my excitement too.

  2. Hi - thanks for stopping over at my blog and for your nice comment. I'm so glad I came over HERE -- Italy! Romance! So much beauty! What a great trip you all had. Isn't it grand to have a blog where you can truly preserve both the photos and all your thoughts that go with them?

    1. The blog is becoming my travel journal and I'm slowly going through all the photos and notes I made on our trip. Our first and probably last European adventure. The Alps are wonderful and I can't wait to share with you my wood carving, sky diving!, cow milking high jinks!

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