Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Of Course There Were Churches

A lot of churches. Beautiful and ornate. Our first marvelous ancient church was here in Como. As a Catholic school girl it felt a lot like coming home.
Take a look at the table set up in the square in front of the cathedral. A feast day celebration in progress.
*Here's what our friend Wikipedia has to say: Como Cathedral
It was built in 1396 which by my count makes it 700 hundred years old - an amazing testament to devotion.
photo credit - Stefano Stabile
I'm always on the look out for textiles and this tapestry was magnificent! The work of anonymous women from centuries ago.
After our visit to the cathedral we were treated to a rare back stage tour of the pride of Como - the La Scala Picolina or Little La Scala. A replica of the magnificent la Scala in Milan on a smaller scale but no less opulent.
Opera is queen in Italy and some musicians were rehearsing as we toured. Amazing!
After that it was exploring on our own. Let's face it we looked like tourists but what do we care?
The weather was perfect, just a little chilly, no crowds because the season had just begun and the setting was beautiful. 
Next stop the renaissance town of Bergamo.

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  1. I am enjoying seeing your wonderful pictures and all the interesting details so much Patrica! What a grand adventure you had! It just amazes me to see a church that old and imagine the centuries of worship that took place there. The architecture is breathtaking!

  2. I was amazed by the centuries of devotion displayed here as well. Each village has it's own church as a center piece and each is distinctive. I was truly moved by a few for surprising (to me) reasons.

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