Thursday, May 5, 2016

Used Needles

 I have a quick tip for you about safely getting rid of your used sewing needles. You do change out your sewing machine needles after every eight hours or so of sewing don't you? I know people who change those needles every time they load a new bobbin! I'm not that fanatical but I do know that a sharp needle makes a world of difference when I'm piecing and it's absolutely essential to machine embroidery. In fact after proper stabilizing I would say a dull needle causes the most problems in machine embroidery.
If you change your needle as much as you should what are going to do with all those dull needles? PLEASE, don't just throw them in the trash! They are a hazard to yourself and everyone else so some form of containment is a great idea.
I use an old medicine container with a child proof lid. I poke a hole in the top and whenever I change a  needle I can just drop the used needle in. Once the medicine bottle is full I just throw it away and start a new one.
You may be able to see a broken needle or two in there as well as some extra small rotary blades.
Bonus point: I use those old, dull needles to display my small projects in the sewing room! They go into the dry wall easily with just a tiny hole.
 Until next time,


  1. Good Afternoon Patrica, What a brilliant idea, I am going to pass the information along to my sewing group friends. I have to say, I am not very good at changing my needle, so listening to your advice, I am certainly going to rectify that situation. I promise I will get better.
    I was intrigued by your straw bales. I have never heard of growing plants in straw. Just out of interest, how do the plants manage to get the nutrients they need to allow them to become healthy plants. I really am fascinated by this idea of planting.
    I wish I could send you a bucketful of rain water, because I was in the garden this afternoon, and to use a 'Geordie' word, the soil was so 'claggy' it stuck to my gardening clogs. We are hoping for some nice weather in the next few days so hopefully our soil will dry out and improve.
    Best Wishes

  2. Great idea, Patrica. I do something very similar with my needles.

    I usually purchase rotary blades in bulk and I save the cases they come in. I mark one 'used blades' and use that to place the discarded ones in when I am done with them. When the case is full, I duct tape it closed, write SHARP on the tape and throw it away.

  3. Thank you for the tips ;). I will try to be a better needle changer ;) !


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