Monday, March 7, 2016

Playing With My Stash

After all what else does a quilter do on a rainy day? Take a look at these yummy flannels that I just couldn't leave in the LQS when I made a recent visit.
When I say local quilt shop you realize I mean 40 miles away but still. The colors are amazing and the softness is so comforting and cozy. These are not baby quilt material in my opinion but I had just the project in mind, a grown up project for a change. My quilt group was having sew day and we all decided to make infinity scarves as a fun and easy way to use up some of our fabric (stop laughing, I really did mean to use up some fabric) and get started on those Christmas gifts for next year.
My first attempt came out so pretty! I couldn't stop at just one.
Here I am modeling another scarf I made from a different pairing of flannels. These are so warm!
You can find all kinds of You Tube videos to help you figure out how to make these. Here's one that describes pretty well how I did it. She uses yardage but you can use fat quarters sewn end to end to get the length you like. I used a two half yard cuts width of fabric to make up my length. It ended up about 84" before joining. That seems long I know so I used a safety pin and pinned it together and wrapped it around my neck to test it before I joined it up and found that I liked the length/drape just fine.
I liked the two flannel scarves so much that I went through my stash and found some dramatic black and red Asian fabric and made a very nice cotton version for myself for an upcoming theater outing. These are so easy they could quickly become addictive.
Have a fun, just for you sew day and make it pretty.

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  1. How fun! Thanks for the link to the tutorial. (I boolmarked this post)

    1. These scarves are a lot of fun to make in almost any fabric so of course I have now made a lot more. Hope my girls will like them.

  2. Replies
    1. Glad you like them and they really are so easy.

  3. Those look just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the tutorial.

    1. Super easy, super quick and a nice gift in cotton as well as flannel.


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