Monday, March 14, 2016

Foothill Quilters Guild Show

It's already been two weeks since this show so that tells you how far behind I am in my postings. Still, I didn't want to neglect to show you what I found at the Foothill Quilters Show. I don't have a lot of opportunities to attend quilt shows because of where I live so every show is exciting to me.
Best in Show!
Those of you who love applique will love this beauty. The detail was fantastic but what drew me to it was the Autumn theme - my favorite time of year.
Cute scarecrow face. WHo is ge supposed to frighten?
Look at the detail on this little squirrel, wonderful fabric choices throughout.
 More exquisite applique. Honestly I don't know how the judges choose a winner and as you can see this one has lots of ribbons too. The quilting here is also outstanding and makes everythingpop.
 Up close view of those grapes. Each one had it's own crystal which is hard to see in a photo but really made the wreathes sparkle.
Isn't this the cheeriest quilt you've seen in a long while? I just love it. Lots of kitties and small animals to keep this pup company.
Wonderful expressive faces.
Speaking of expressive faces how about this self portrait? It's all in the eyes isn't it? Done in 1" squares from the quilters photograph visible in the upper right hand corner.
 You know I'm always looking for embroidery quilts and I liked the way these old fashioned hand embroidered blocks were set with blue sashing and pinwheel cornerstones.
Another embroidery quilt with a cute setting. This time rick rack and a ball fringe on the binding.
Remember that I always share quilts from a show that catch my eye, that I think you might not have seen done before or that you might find interesting. They might not be everyone's cup of tea but they interested me at the time. And so with that in mind the last quilt in our virtual show is this little 3-D number.
Yep, this small quilt really pops! Right off the wall. I have no idea how the quilter achieved this affect but it certainly was striking.
No more quilt shows in my near future but I do have some sewing surprises coming up.

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  1. Those are some amazing quilts. The applique' is astounding and I love the ball fringe on the Halloween embroidery quilt. Thanks for sharing the show!

    1. I love seeing the amazing work from other talented people and of course getting ideas too.

  2. Beautiful quilts, but I'm not sure about the 3D one. Sorry. Really great work though

    1. The 3-D quilt wasn't exactly my cup of tea either but you have to admit that is certainly unique! I'm still baffled about how the quilter achieved that affect.

  3. Thank you for sharing the Quilt Show! I enjoyed every photo! It was really fun to see the embroidery quilts, and the Halloween quilt especially where the quilter went onto the embroidery, and it looked just fine. I have a few embroidery quilts to quilt, and was wondering if I should go around the designs, or into them. The one you showed looked very nice.

    1. That's why I always look for embroidered quilts at show. I want to see how others showcase the embroidery or handle the quilting. In this case quilting right over the light stitching works just fine. It wouldn't do for heavier embroidery though. I liked the setting with a print alternate block for the other embroidered quilt too. Wait until you see what followed me home from this show!

  4. Thanks for sharing. Those were terrific!

    1. Isn't it fun to see what other quilters are up to? Thanks for stopping by.


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