Wednesday, February 10, 2016

More From The Folsom Quilt SHow

I promised you that I had more to show you from the Folsom Quilt and Fiber Guild Show. If you live anywhere near the area you should make a point of attending this wonderful show next year. I'll get right to it with more quilts. Put on your beer goggles 'cuz some of these photos look like we spent a night on the town instead of the afternoon at the quilt show!!
I left off last time with this beauty. I was so impressed that I took quite a few close-ups of the hand work in this quilt. I don't applique myself but I have a keen appreciation for the skill involved.
This is wool applique on pieced backgrounds. I wish I knew how she got that lettering on the fabric. It appeared to be printed - maybe with her computer printer? She could have used pen and ink. Any ideas anyone?
The quilting in this quilt was also exceptional. This is also the only label I got a photo of - go figure. Congratulations Donna!

Looks like I really was impressed. Also my friend Jeannie is an avid applique enthusiast so I may have been documenting this for her - and now for you!
Best Hand Quilting in the show.
You don't see a lot of hand quilting these days in shows and there quite a few in the Folsom show. Wonderful to see a tradition continued. This was marvelous hand work.
I tried to get a close-up for you but again my husband's camera not the most cooperative. I think you can get an idea of the amazing precision of this prize winner.
Wildlife themed machine embroidery
If you go to a quilt show with me then you know that I'm going to be seeking out machine embroidery quilts. Some shows have zero/nada/zilch. This show actually had a few and they all were interesting. The setting of blocks in this was nice looking like old photographs in an album.
A tiny black flange around each block set them off and each embroidery had a trapunto effect to make them stand out from the background. The embroidery thread was very fine also so that these looked almost printed.
Another machine embroidery piece. Careful inspection shows that I would need at least a 8"x10" embroidery hoop to make this one, something not in the cards for me. Still, I love the graphic quality here.
The tape measure is an applique embellishment that ties the main elements together.
I'll finish up my quilt show tour in my next post and then I'll show you what we've been doing in the garden.

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  1. Thank you for the close ups of Words to Live By. I'm making that one and was wondering how to have it quilted. It's such a gorgous pattern

    1. It is a gorgeous quilt and you can tell I was really taken with it by all the pictures I took of it. Glad I was able to help provide some added inspiration for you. I can't wait to see yours.


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