Friday, November 6, 2015

Sweet Treats

I can't believe that the last time I showed these embroideries to you was way back in August. Wow, it really has been a crazy busy  summer and fall around here. 

You can read all about the creation of the cake embroidery in this post. The cakes are San Francisco Stitch Company designs called Bake Shop and they really were a dream to stitch out. The cake slice is stitched on top of a crochet doily. I tried my darnedest to center that design but didn't quite make it. Still I don't think it's too bad for a first attempt.
I found a panel with other bakery items to add and after fussy cutting the squares of tarts, cupcakes and bon bons I started trying to figure out a pleasing arrangement. I just didn't have enough of my original choice of green fabric seen in this first photo. These are pre-cut squares of green left over from some long forgotten project. The fussy cut desserts are resting on top. No matter how I finagle that green is not going to stretch!
Back to the stash I go. On the right is a fat quarter of paler green from the same collection as the embroidery backgrounds. This is going to work out and no spending involved. Score! 

 Maybe a little blah?  I think the brighter green put too much attention on the printed fabric and took away from the embroidery but this softer green is a little too quiet. This project needs something, but what? 
I'll keep working on this in between binding. I'm still turning those corners. Remember, I have 18 corners in those three projects. Yikes!

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