Thursday, October 29, 2015

Elderberry Cordial

I had a few of those elderberries left over and wanted to try my hand at making a brandy or liqueur with them, purely for medicinal purposes you understand. This will make a nice after dinner drink to sip with dessert or to pour over vanilla ice cream. 
All you really need is a large jar, some lemon peel, inexpensive vodka and lots of time.
The measurements here are pretty imprecise. I used about 4 cups of cleaned elderberries, the peel of 1 lemon and an entire quart of vodka. All this goes into a sterilized, covered jar and sits for a couple of months in a cool dry spot. In my case that's the floor of my kitchen pantry. After it steeps it's time to strain out all the solids and add a small or large amount of simple syrup. The more syrup you add the sweeter the cordial will be. I might not even make syrup, I  might just add sugar to taste and see what happens.
You make simple syrup by bringing equal amounts of water and sugar to a boil to dissolve the sugar. Allow the syrup to cool before adding. 

This was an old style cough syrup or tonic when folks were making their own medicines now days we'll just enjoy the taste of a wild summer on our cold winter evening. I'll show you all the end result when it's finished brewing.
For a more detailed description of making fruit liqueurs just use our friend Google there's a wealth of info and tons of different ways to do this. Almost any fruit will work. I've made cherry and peach brandy in the past both of which are swoon worthy.

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