Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Just My Cup OF Coffee

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I cannot get going in the morning without a cup of java and I like it hot! A fresh cup of coffee first thing in the A.M. is a real pleasure necessity if you want me to respond to you at all. During the day I might have another cup and Chris only drinks one cup in the morning. That's three maybe four cups total per day. That means for years and years we made a pot of coffee and wasted most of it. That bothered me, a lot. Why am I telling you all this? Because I bought this about a year ago against my better judgement - 

 Against my better judgement because I was worried about the pollution of the planet from all those little plastic cups more than the cost of the coffee. I figured the cost of four cups of coffee was offset by lack of waste but it turns out even the inventor of the machine regretted his invention when he realized how much plastic waste it generates in the landfill. I couldn't justify this myself until I did some research and found this coffee company.
San Francisco Bay coffee produces coffee pods that are 98% bio-degradable. They are made of paper and corn starch of all things and are compostable. 
In order to speed up the process I cut them apart with a knife before I put them in the compost bucket then everything is tossed in for the worms to handle. Of course you can find an after market pod to fill with your own coffee grounds to use in the machine but that kind of defeats the convenience angle.
So far this is the only company I've found with a product like this. This has eased my conscience considerably while I enjoy the convenience of my instant coffee machine. The company offers lots of different blends to satisfy all tastes. (I'm not a shill for these guys I'm just letting you know what I do in case you might be interested.) Perhaps this is a dilemma you've been struggling with, how have you handled it?

Until next time,