Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What's the Fuss About?

 Why did we go to all the trouble to repair our well if we have access to clean, potable municipal water you might be asking?
The main reason is the vegetable garden. I have scaled back the planting to perhaps a third of what I would normally grow because of our drought conditions but even that small amount requires water. Municipal water is expensive, very expensive! And it's monitored strictly. Because we are not a large scale ranch or farm we do not have access to large scale rates so we pay household rates for our water no matter how we use it.
I have just four tomatoes, three squash, two peppers two potato barrels, the strawberry patch and my rhubarb. I planted green beans twice and they did not even come up! The heat has been brutal this year and none of this is thriving since I have had to be very stingy with the water even if it is from our own well.
The squash is struggling. This is how big it is even though it's the end of July!

The strawberry patch
But of course the main reason to keep the well in order is my girls! Chickens need a lot of water and I can't make them do without.
Every morning they crowd around to see what I brought them from the kitchen. Keeping them cool and healthy is a top priority so they have clean, fresh water at all times and I hose down their yard once or twice a day on hot days to make them comfortable. It's all about the ladies around here, it's not called the EL Palacio de las Galinas (the Chicken Palace) for nothing!
A girl has to have a flower or two or what's it all for?
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  1. Your garden is very nice, and your chickens are the healthiest "chicks" I've ever seen! Despite the drought. I gave up on my water feature like yours after the raccoons terrorized my fish, and ate all my water hyacinths. The fish now live in our daughters pond. Thanks for the glimpse of your lovely flowers too.

    1. The water features wouldn't last around here if we didn't have an 8' deer fence and two dogs so I know what you mean about those pesky racoons.

  2. I so hope your drought conditions improve soon. I know you love your vegetables and of course, the girls.

    1. I know that everyone is "worried" about El Nino but I'm hoping it's true. What a relief a winter of rain and snow would be. You have permission to slap me if you hear me complaining this February!


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