Thursday, May 28, 2015

Gifts From the Garden

My garden has been really amazing this spring particularly the herb garden. When the herbs are so lush and tender I love to spread the bounty around by sharing with friends. A recent dinner with the Hill & Dale Society was a perfect opportunity to  show some love. It's so easy to bundle some fresh herbs from your garden into a pretty nosegay and tag them.
Oregano and bay were particularly nice on this day so they were washed and tied with cotton twine. I have a little European Bay tree in a pot in the yard just for culinary use and each year it gets better and better. The oregano patch smells wonderful whenever I pass by in the morning on the way to the hen house. I always plant the herbs next to pathways so we brush them as we pass by, that way we can enjoy their fragrance all spring and summer and they're easy to pick and bring into the kitchen for use in cooking.
The bay leaves can be left on the stem to dry and then stored in a small jar or plastic bag and the oregano can be used fresh or dried.
It was my turn to bring appetizers for the Hill & Dale Society and I found a couple of recipes to use the asparagus bounty from my garden as well! The first is a wonderful recipe from Mennonite Girls Can Cook. You need to go to their web site immediately (well, after you read my post) and check out the amazing food).
My version of Asparagus Pancetta Cups
The second appetizer I made was a combination of recipes I found on Pinterest.
Asparagus Cheese Tart
The original idea came from Life With The Crust Cut Off  blog, only instead of crescent rolls I decided to use puff pastry to create a crisper and more delicate base. See the edge around the pastry? That is so easy to create. All you do is score the rolled out puff pastry with a sharp knife going pretty deep but not all the way through to the bottom layer. Then you assemble the pastry as usual. Once it bakes the outside rim will rise up and create a nice edge without any work from you! Also, you must be sure to prick your puff pastry really well with a fork all over (except the rim ) so that it doesn't make a balloon mess for you before you add your fillings. Following package directions for baking pastry which is hotter than crescent rolls. This was yummy and easy and wowed the crowed when it came out of the oven.

How is your garden fairing? Any garden gifts to share?

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  1. Everything looks so yummy! Oh, I wish we lived close by to enjoy some of your herbs! What a nice way to share---Alas, we no longer garden. Just the two of us, so a few things purchased at the fruit and vegetable stand or Trader Joe's, and we are fine. But, I used to enjoy gardening with the kids were home. There is something satisfying about growing your own food. We do have three tomato plants! Does that count? Love reading your blog.

    1. Sorry it's taken so long to reply but if you've been reading you know I've been busy LOL! I wish we lived closer too maybe you could give me some gardening tips cuz I can't seem to grow a vegetable to save my life! I can grow the prettiest flowers but vegetable just laugh at me. What's up with that??


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