Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Quick Notion

 Some simple things just make my life so much easier and when I find one of those things I like to share them with all of you. For all of my sewing life I've chased the foot pedal of my sewing machine around the floor. I used rug underlay, you know what I mean, the rubber, honeycomb stuff to try to keep it in place but that didn't really work. I finally found the solution:
This thing really works for me. It keeps my sewing machine pedal where I put it. You just apply velcro to the bottom of your pedal and it grips the carpeted pad which in turn grips your carpet. 
Now there's one problem - it's made for carpet and I have a plastic chair runner under my machine so I can easily roll my chair. I solved that by using double sided tape on the under side and taping the pedal stay to my chair runner. It's working great so far. No more chasing my pedal around the floor.
I have no interest in this product I just thought I'd share what's working for me. I bought mine at a quilt show vendor for $15. I found one on Amazon for the same price. If this same problem has been bugging you it might be worth a try.

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