Monday, April 20, 2015

Some Things Never Change

At least it seems that way as far as my design wall goes.
The sad quilt on the wall waiting for me to get up the inspiration/energy to get it done.
The same finishing strips waiting for their place in the mix. I have no idea why I'm so bogged down on this one. I just don't feel the love.
As you may have guessed by my blog absence we've been traveling again but I did get a little bit of fun sewing in before we left.
I made this darling little fabric book for grand daughter Evie who is 10 months old now. These little projects are so much fun to do but just like everything else the adage of measure twice and cut once applies even on small items.
Can you spot it? That's right, I got the pages sewn in backwards! I was so happy with the clean finish too. I had to pick this apart and re-sew and I had embroidered her name in the spine too. That had to come out as well because it no longer would read correctly. All's well that ends well but still. I have to laugh at myself sometimes because I get so excited about the outcome that I overlook the details, you know what I mean?
I do have a good tip to share with you though. When I have to trim the bulk out of seams, in this case trim batting out of the book seems, I use my billed applique scissors. They make quick work of this job and keep the fabric out of the way.
Often we have tools lying around which we only think of for one purpose but they can be used for so much more. Those billed scissors are very handy anywhere you need to be careful about cutting layers of fabric.

I hope all of you are feeling more creative than I am these days. Have you ever been bogged down by a project? What did you do?

I'm linking my pitiful design wall to Design Wall Monday at Patchwork Times. Let's all hop over and get inspired.

Until next time,


  1. Great project, Patrica. So sorry you had "one of those incidents" with it. I seem to have "a lot of those incidents" lately. I have so much on my plate that has a deadline that I am NOT enjoying the process of any of it. ugh!

    However...I hope that your travel was fun :) And I do LOVE Evie's book :)

  2. Thanks for your kind words of encouragement Jeanna. I hate it when our passion turns into a slog , we truly do need to get the joy back. Agreed??

  3. Good Afternoon Patrica, It is lovely to be back catching up with you again. I noticed you posted your lovely sewing room so I am going to take a peek after I have left you a comment here.
    Do you know, I remember those little cloth books, I had some as a child and so did Natasha and Danielle, not made by my fair hand I might add. I love new projects, there is something very exciting about starting something new, and like you I have a few 'bits and pieces' which have not been finished I always mean to finish them and then I procrastinate and find something else, which of course is much more important to do and never get around to finishing the projects I need to. I had promised myself that during the winter I would organise myself, but I didn't hey ho.
    I hope you had a lovely trip away and that you have returned home feeling refreshed.
    Best Wishes to you

    1. You wouldn't think I'd be able to mess up a simple project like a cloth book but of course if there's a way to make a mistake I'll find it! I do this and show all of you so that you can be fore warned and you won't have to have the same mishap. I'm just self-sacrificing that way.The little ones seem to enjoy these either way but I don't want them to think 4 comes after 7 it might confuse them once they get to school!


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