Wednesday, April 8, 2015

More Projects?

You know me I can never leave well enough alone. Just like the book says, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" she'll want to renovate the whole house! If you don't know what I'm talking about you never had kids/grandkids so you'll have to look it up.

Here is my faithful minion Chris slaving away painting the back hallway/mud room. That wood trim is about to go! I found a beautiful warm shade of white at Restoration Hardware called Linen and we painted the whole kitchen, back bathroom and now this. It brightens the space without blinding if you get what I mean. 
The most difficult space in the whole house to paint! I will never understand this design choice, what a lot of dead/ wasted storage space but there it is.
A handy coat rack right by the back door holds dog leashes too. Chris made this from an old piece of lumber, he's so clever sometimes.
That gave me an idea to use a piece of fence we had lying around and turn it into a hat rack in the bathroom by the back door.
Handy to grab that garden hat as I'm going out the door.
The old kitchen curtains just had to go so I made these from yardage I already had in the stash. Simple and non-fussy. Just the clean lines I'm going for. The brick red color is exactly the accent I have going throughout the house.
I saw these letters on Creative Cain Cabin and saved them to my Pinterest board ages ago.You should visit Dawn's blog and see all the neat things she has done in her beautiful house. Anyway, I finally found a spot to shamelessly copy her idea. I love this pop of color over my kitchen sink!
I'll show you how I made over the kitchen table to match the barn wood pantry wall next. Any spring projects on your agenda?

Until next time,


  1. Everything looks great! Love the curtain and hat rack!

    1. Thanks! We just keep plugging away on these little projects sprucing up the place.

  2. I wish my minion would take some time off of his retirement jobs to assist me in some much needed projects around the house! Your curtains are pretty and the paint color is a really good one.

    1. This guy hates to sit still so that works in my favor but I do have to put my stuff on his to-do list and then I have to be ready to drop whatever I'm doing when he's ready to tackle my project. I LOVE this paint color because it really doesn't have a yellowy feel but is still warm white - perfect for me.

  3. Hahaha ... my 'minion' does the same ... have to put it on a to-do list and then drop whatever I'm doing to help when the mood strikes him !

    Lovely reno !

    1. I'm very lucky since Chris never turns me down when I have another "idea" even though he's often skeptical about the outcome. ;-)


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