Tuesday, March 17, 2015

We Have a Winner!

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 It's official! Ohio Lori is the winner of my 3rd Blogaversary Giveaway! I sent her an email and I hope to hear from her soon so I can mail her prize. From Lori's Blogger profile it's looks like she doesn't have a blog herself but she does follow many interesting quilting sites so I think she'll like this prize.
The prize - McKenna Ryan art quilt kit
Thank you so much to all the kind folks who participated in the party this year, I only wish I could give each of you a gift. I do send out a virtual hug to all my faithful followers new and old. You make my day each and every time you leave a comment and continue the dialogue we have going. I love this exchange of ideas.

I continue sewing away on the Fern Creek Sampler.
All the rows are now complete and pressed and not one of them is the same length as any other! My new storage racks have assumed a duel purpose as hanging/design wall additions. Pretty nifty.

See the second row on the left? Those two light triangles really bothered me and that row was super wavy. That's the fabric that was sent in the kit but I don't like it. So, after this picture was taken I decided to take it apart and put in two triangles that were more on the tan side and hopefully correct that wave. Well... easier said than done. I got the tan triangles in, no problem. But that wave just got worse and worse. The more I fussed the worse it got. There are a lot of bias edges to deal with and this is not really quality fabric here and I think when I originally made this row I may not have been as exact as I may be now. Anyway, this entire row now resides in the trash can! Sometimes you just have to let things go bye, bye and move on. Just like a bad relationship we were not jellin' and this could only end in heartbreak. I'm starting to put this together with black connecting strips as called for in the pattern. We'll see how that goes.

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  1. Congratulations to Ohio Lori, she is getting a lovely prize!

    Your Fern Creek Sampler is going to be a nice quilt. I agree with letting go of things that just do not work...no need to suffer an unhealthy relationship, quilty or otherwise :)

    1. Lori seems happy so I'm happy. I'm stalled out on this project right now I've caught some kind of virus/bug and I just don't feel well at the moment. Hopefully I'll be able to shake it off soon as we're supposed to be leaving to visit our kids next week and I want to be in shape for that.


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