Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Visiting Grandkids er...Dogs

I confess I miss my grand kids. I haven't seen the littlest since Christmas and I'm jones'n for some Grammy time so look who I have to fill in the gap.
Smiling doggie face!
This is Lullaby. She belongs to my middle son's family. Those of you who have been readers for a while know that Dogwood Lane Farm is really Dogwood Lane Farms because our son Zack and his family live on the next property down the road and we share much of the same animal chores and garden activities. Zack's two boys are our oldest grandchildren, all grown up now in fact. One is in college a few hundred miles away and one is a high school senior. I catch glimpses of that red headed boy now and again but he's a busy kid in his senior year. My other five grandchildren live in Southern California and we travel to see them several times a year as time and money permit. We have a trip planned soon but in the mean time I make due with fur kids. Some days it's a regular doggie daycare around here!
LaLa is a cross between an Australian cattle dog and some other herder of unknown origin. She is what we refer to as a Mar-Val box puppy, that is rescued from a box in front of our local Mar-Val super market. She's about eight or nine years old, no one can remember and the kids named her because they used to sing her to sleep when she was a baby. When she's here she's queen of the yard and goes unchallenged.
This sweet faced girl is Luna. She's also a rescue that Zack brought home from a tree nursery/ranch. The folks that had her were going to put her down because they could not break her from chasing their live stock. She's a border collie x cattle dog and it's in her blood. They had no fences to keep her away from the animals and no inclination to train her. She is the sweetest girl and so affectionate. 
Zack's a sucker for a spotted dog ever since we had a rescue puppy named Algebra when he was a kid. We got Algebra from the local shelter and she was sick from the beginning. After enormous vet bills we couldn't save her and Zack has always loved spotted dogs since then.
Shadow & Luna
Whenever Luna is here she hangs out with Shadow since they're both of the same temperament, energy level (semi-hyper) and size. They chase each other around the yard until they about give out, lots of barking is involved.
Shadow & River on the move
A chase game is going on here involving all four dogs but I could only get two of them in the frame.
River is the largest dog in the pack but since she's also the youngest she defers to all but Luna. Luna is the most timid so she holds the bottom position. They all get along wonderfully well and enjoy their play dates. Whenever I walk down the road I tell Shadow and River lets go to Zack's house and they dash for the gate separating our property, ready to play.

Still, not a very good substitute for grand babies but it will have to do for now.
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  1. River has become a beautiful dog. Love the dash on his head

    1. River is a pretty girl and she knows it! She is also a love bug who thins she's a lap dog which can create problems when the lap dog weighs 80 pounds.

  2. What fun! We are huge dog lovers. It's great that you have all of that property for the dogs to enjoy.

    1. We call days when all four dogs are here doggie day care and it's just like a furry day care class complete with snacks and time outs.

  3. RIver has really grown up! All look like good dogs. I tried to pick a favorite to comment about...but couldn't!

    1. It wouldn't be fair to pick a favorite it might hurt someone's feelings ;-) Can you guess which one is my favorite?


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