Thursday, January 22, 2015

Planting In January

 While most of the country suffers under harsh winter weather here in Northern California we continue to suffer the effects of severe drought. Nature teased us in December with quite a bit of rain and we had high hopes for more of the same for January but it was not to be and we haven't seen a drop in more than four weeks. 
With temperatures hovering around 50* we decided to go ahead with our plans for the berry patch and MLK Day we planted raspberry roots which our son Zachary gave us from his garden. As you can see our supervisor River was right there to make sure that Chris dug that trench just right! 
Raspberry canes all mulched and tucked in ready for spring which I fear will be far earlier than it should be from the look of some of the shrubs around the garden.

These are everbearing raspberries which will be cut down to the ground at the end of each season and we plan on drip irrigation for water conservation.
After all their hard work supervising the gardening River and Shadow are ready for their play time. Just look at River - she's ready for her run all right! One foot out of the gate already.

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  1. I love raspberries but did not know you could cut them down every year. That must help keep them under control. River has grown u to be a beautiful dog.

    1. These raspberries are a particular type Terry. They are ever bearing instead of just fruiting once a season and my Master gardener son swears by them. I don't know the variety because we dug them up from his garden but I could find out for you if you want.


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