Friday, January 9, 2015

Garden Dreaming

My sincere apologies to those of you suffering through the current polar vortex or arctic blast or whatever the media is calling the horrific weather conditions in most of the US. Here in Northern California we have not seen rain or snow in three weeks and so our drought conditions continue. We did hit a freeze last week but that has given way to much milder than it should be weather and with milder weather come dreams of the spring garden. 
We've been wanting to plant blackberries and raspberries for quite a while but put it off last year because of the drought. Since we think we've worked out a good drip irrigation system now we've decided to go ahead with the berry patch plan and my gardener/handyman aka Chris started work on laying out the beds this week.
River keeps a close eye on him to be sure he gets his measurements correct. She's an all purpose farm dog.
red hot poker
This is the only color right now. What are your garden plans for spring? When do you start dreaming  and when do you put in your order for seeds?

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  1. I wish I could say the same but is in the teens and 20's here. Love raspberries, hope they do well for you

    1. I'm dreaming about those raspberries myself and blackberries. Love all berries really. Gardeners are big dreamers don't you think? I know it's so cold elsewhere but we all can dream, right?

  2. We've been stuck under a cold inversion no Spring daydreaming for me yet! LOL!!!

    1. I can only imagine how cold it is - brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! Bundle up and keep the home fires burning.


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