Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Yes, We Are Thankful!
I hope your Thanksgiving was half as wonderful as mine. We were blessed by family which is the best part of the day and we celebrated with our new food tradition - a Whole Foods Thanksgiving. There are so many dietary issues in our family that a trip to Whole Foods with each family member given a food budget and 20 minutes to shop is the way we handle it. It's a win/win and very little clean up.
It just wouldn't have been a real Thanksgiving without the traditional loaf of bread as big as your head and this year I had help baking from my grown grandsons Jed and Josiah. They really wanted to know how to bake this loaf from the beginning and it was great to have them in my kitchen again. Jed was home from college for a week and Jos (a high school senior) received his early admission letter to the university he was hoping for. See what I mean about thankful? If you want to know how to make this delicious Sheepherder's Bread you'll find the How To Post here.
We had another celebration of thanksgiving when we traveled to San Diego for our precious grand daughter's Baptism. What a wonderful day!
Our dear friend Deacon Al officiated. Al is in fact my oldest friend. He and I have known each other since second grade and we received our First Communion together! AL introduced me to Chris nearly 50 years ago and has been a constant blessing in my life. His wife is God Mother to my children and I to hers and our children stand as God Parents for each others families.
My son & DIL with Baby Eve
Big sister Paige

So thankful for grandsons almost grown and on their way. For tiny grand daughters and new beginnings. For old and dear friends. For family near and far.
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