Friday, November 21, 2014

I Love the Smell of Cinnamon in the Morning

Isn't that the greatest, most delicious aroma? If you don't have cinnamon rolls to greet you in the A.M. then cinnamon toast is a wonderful substitute and that's what I'm enjoying this morning. I made it from a loaf of bread I baked in my bread machine yesterday afternoon.
My bread machine version of Honey Egg Spice Bread
We were having soup for dinner and I wanted something to go with. I could tell from the ingredients that this would be a little sweet and it turned out to be too sweet for dinner but oh my is it ever perfect as a base for cinnamon toast! The spices in the recipe only enhance the cinnamon toast goodness.
I found the recipe at one of the blogs I visited in my blog roll this week. Fresh Eggs Daily is the name of the blog and Lisa is the talented blogger. Her recipe for Honey Egg Spice Bread can be found by clicking on the link. Her pictures are MUCH better than mine and there's lots of stuff on her blog so do jump over and tell her I sent you.

MY RECIPE NOTES:  I cut the spices in half because I was making this for a dinner course and I didn't want the spices to dominate. Next time I'll use the full amount because I'll be going for the breakfast goodness. I used the Quick Cook Option on my bread machine and it worked just great and cooked in 1 hour instead of 3 1/2. My bread looks like it's a bit denser than Lisa's because it only had one rise.

I don't use my bread machine very often so I'm no expert on it's uses and applications. I consider breads from the bread machine utilitarian loaves for quick and easy consumption. They're not pretty and certainly not gourmet. That being said they do need to taste good and this fills the bill.
I leave you with a picture of this little cutie. This is my sugar bowl. I've had this little mug for over 40 years. It was part of a set of animal mugs I purchased when my boys were small. They loved to have their hot cocoa in those monkey, giraffe, elephant and lion mugs. These were only brought out on rainy days and this is the lone survivor. I consider it a real treasure which makes me smile each day and reminds me that too much sugar will make me as big as an elephant!

Until next time,


  1. Good morning! Yes, that is a wonderful aroma indeed!! I made soup yesterday as well, and I usually do a fresh bread with it. But I had nearly a whole pan of cornbread left over from the night before, so we had that. I love soup weather!!!!
    Nice big mug! I use one of my favorites that I got in Santa Fe NM, in the La Fonda hotel where we stayed.
    I am so enjoying our cool (soup) weather!!! Makes me really want to stay home and cook, sew, and crochet!!!
    xo Kris

    1. Kris you know you're a girl after my own heart. I adore homemade soup and bread and all things Autumn. I make my cornbread in a cast iron skillet that I've preheated in the super hot oven so it has a nice bottom crust, yummy. Smells like home at both our houses right now!

  2. cinnamon toast. I am coming over to YOUR house for breakfast. YUM! and I love that elephant sugar mug. such fun memories and such a cute holder for your sugar.

    1. You know what? You're more than welcome to come to breakfast any time. I'll make you cinnamon toast and hot chocolate from my Traders Joe's sippin' chocolate stash and we can talk about quilting and all things crafty.

  3. Me too...I always add a dash to my coffee grounds! LOVE IT!

    1. I do that to my coffee grounds too! Doesn't it smell amazing when it's brewing?


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