Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sailing Through Glacier Bay - glacier bay
Spectacular isn't it? The ship spent the entire day sailing slowly through Glacier Bay giving everyone the opportunity to be on deck and revel in the sights and sounds. - glacier bay
The day was overcast and the atmosphere moody, very primordial. The waters of the bay calm and glassy. - glacier bay
We were able to see some small bits of glacial calving but nothing major. I'm kind of glad about that because it made me very sad to see just how diminished these glaciers actually are from photographs I've seen of them taken in the past. - glacier bay
The glacier is larger than it appears, several hundred feet tall. You have to remember that I'm taking the picture from a higher perspective on the upper deck of a large ship and not at sea level. There was a bald eagle perched on the tallest spire of this glacier the entire time we were there just surveying his territory but you could only spot him with binoculars.
Bill & Marsha, Carol & Jay on deck
It was soooo cold on deck like stepping into a deep freeze! We stayed outside for hours drinking in the sights. Luckily we were prepared for the cold with long johns, hats, gloves and down jackets. I can't stress enough if you are thinking about a trip like this you must pack warm clothes so that you can enjoy your time outdoors. It's a tradition on Holland America vessels to serve split pea soup on deck while cruising Glacier Bay and it was greatly appreciated when porters came around with those large mugs of steaming soup I can tell you! - glacier bay

The glaciers reflected in the bay was so beautiful and other worldly. A sight I'm not likely to see again and will remember always.

After our day in Glacier Bay we spent a night and day in the open ocean sailing to Seward and the next leg of our journey on land to Denali. The open ocean was choppy and most of the passengers were seasick, no kidding the entire ship seemed to be unwell except for our group. We managed to escape unscathed and were looking for something to do with our day at sea. 
This is what we came up with. Swimming in the outdoor pool! Kind of like a watery roller coaster ride. You'll notice that the one person not in the pool is the one taking the pictures - me, the only grown-up in the group. I'm standing look out in case the pool police come along as we were pretty sure we weren't supposed to be swimming in rough seas.
This little guy says good-bye to our ship board adventures and we set forth across land to see what the interior of Alaska has to offer.

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  1. Sooooo wonderful. Love the hot tub at the end of it all!! RIGHT ON!!!!!

    1. Nothing beats a bunch of lunatics on a boat!! Never stop having fun no matter your age is our motto.


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