Monday, October 27, 2014

Professor McGonagall's Robe

Surprise, surprise! I actually have been spending some time in my sewing room between all the other goings on working on a Halloween project. My daughter-in-law is in charge of the Ready By Five program here on the Georgetown Divide and at Halloween she gives out books and treats to the children on Main Street in Georgetown. She wants to dress up as Professor McGonagall of Harry Potter fame this year.

We may not be able to exactly match the awesome look of Maggie Smith in this role but we can certainly match the spirit!
Liz found a gorgeous velvet choir robe in a thrift store for only $5 and I set to work with my embroidery machine to add a few embellishments. Minerva McGonagall is not particularly fancy so we just wanted to add a few hints for the children to get the idea.
Harry Potter's favorite house had to be represented of course.
Being a school master the professor cannot play favorites so she will also wear the badge of all the Hogwarts houses.
Here's the finished robe. Even though it's not green it's still pretty cool ( we prefer to imagine she's going through a fiery phase), with the addition of a broach and a pointed hat I think it will work. I got the designs from Lorraine's Embroidery and Designs , Harry Potter Set.

Linking up to Design Wall Monday for the first time in a long time. I've been working on some other things too that I'll show you a little later on.

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  1. Just tell them it's the professors weekend outfit.

  2. The Professor is a woman and would have lots of different robes. This year she's wearing the red one. I'm going to be Hermione after being Prof. Sprout for years. We give out candy, but also small plants out of our garage set up to be a greenhouse. We've done it for maybe 5 years now, and the kids love it. The come and tell us how their plants are doing. One little girl has a garden going at her house.


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