Thursday, October 16, 2014

Juneau & High Adventure

From Ketchikan we spent a leisurely day at sea enjoying whale watching and looking out for wild life on the shoreline cruising the inside passage up to Juneau.
Marsha, Bill, Carol & Chris
We found a spot in the bow of the ship and put our binoculars to good use. It is windy up there so all that protective gear came in handy. Down vests and silk long underwear turned out to be really good investments for the next leg of our trip as well.
Arriving in Juneau in the early hours of the morning we could hardly wait to get off the boat, we had BIG plans for our day!
Side note* Just look at the difference in size between our ship and the Princess liner docked next to us! I thought our ship was plenty big but that thing was enormous!
Can you guess from this photo what adventure we had planned? I had been waiting for this for months. Ever since we first talked about taking this trip all I wanted to do was walk on a glacier and the day had arrived! Not only were we going to walk on a glacier we were going to helicopter there. Good Golly Miss Molly! I've never been in a helicopter before and don't plan on being in one again, what an experience.
Taking off!
I sat up front next to our pilot, I could see absolutely everything!
This is where we're headed, the Mendenhal Glacier. We're taking the scenic route.
Those colors don't look real I know, but the pictures don't actually do this justice. I can't convey just how breathtaking a sight this really is.
It was an overcast day or we probably would have been too dazzled by the sun on ice.
Crevasses, seen from above. Don't fall in! The black is from a combination of crushed granite ground up by the glacier as it moves and air pollution trapped on the ice surface. The darkness attracts heats and contributes to melt. 
Coming in for a landing.
I'm standing on the surface of a glacier looking up!!! Yes, I'm excited!

Glacial river
I couldn't resist, I had to taste it. Yes, it was cold, very, very, cold!
We spent about a half hour walking around on the surface of the glacier while a naturalist explained all the features to us and answered our questions. I took so many pictures it's ridiculous.
 The most amazing color I've ever seen.
This truly was a once in a lifetime experience. The helicopter trip turned out to be not a big deal, I wasn't scared at all. 

We actually had time for more sight seeing in Juneau once we got back I'll show you next time.


  1. How absolutely fascinating!!! I would have been in awe! I must go there one day!
    xo Kris

    1. This was my only MUST do activity for our trip and I'm so happy to have had the experience. It was truly stunning and amazing!!

  2. So cool! What an exciting side trip.


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