Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Behind the Scenes

Bulletin board at the fair grounds
There's a lot that goes on in the background when any major disaster happens. Most of the public will never see everything that goes into fighting a fire as huge as the King fire thank goodness, so I thought you might like a glimpse into some of the behind the scenes stuff.
Mobile command posts are brought in
My husband Chris is a volunteer with El Dorado County Search and Rescue and is often called out on searches for lost or injured hikers, Search & Rescue is also activated at times like natural disasters. He spent a couple of days at the County Fair Grounds helping out and took a few pictures when he could spare a moment.
It takes a lot to keep personnel in good shape.
The fairgrounds acted as the evacuation point for farm animals from the fire zone. This little guy had been separated from his mama and Search and Rescue volunteers are acting as surrogates to get him to eat.
All kinds of animals waiting out the fire at the fairgrounds. My husband was on manure detail keeping things clean for the critters. I wonder how I could get some of that stuff up here to Dogwood Lane now that the danger has passed?? I hear alpaca manure is great for the roses.
Fire trucks filled the super market parking lot across the road.
Hoses being straightened out, inspected and dried before being deployed again.
While Chris was at the fairgrounds I stayed here at home ready for what ever might come our way. Glad we can breathe a sigh relief and get on with things. So grateful to the amazing firefighters from all over the country who came to our defense!
If you're on Facebook check out the King Fire Firefighters Appreciation Page from the Community for wonderful expressions of gratitude and KING FIRE.

I will be returning to regular life soon I promise.

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  1. Thank God for volunteers! A lot of work goes on behind the scenes for sure. Thanks for the glimpse :)

    1. It's kind of amazing all the stuff that goes into any big operation isn't it? Stuff we never think about really.

  2. They are an amazing lot, aren't they!!
    xo Kris

    1. I don't know about amazing but I know that being a community volunteer has always been very satisfy for me and the members of my family, it's the behind the scenes stuff that makes things happen.

  3. Volunteers are the backbone of society . . . without people willing to come together in love and help their fellow man, this world would crumble. Bravo and God bless!

    1. Boy, I think so too Connie and I know so many generous people. Wish our so called leaders had the same spirit.


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