Tuesday, July 22, 2014

State Fair Winner

 The whole family trekked to the California State Fair this past weekend to take a gander at our grandson's 2nd prize winning entry in the Industrial and Technology Education category. 

He's being a good sport and halfheartedly posing.

I'm including photos of his design and the signage because I have no clue about this and no idea of how to explain what it is. Josiah is entering his senior year in high school and winning prizes in industrial design. Wasn't it just yesterday when he was learning to walk?  I cannot believe how time has flown.
Who doesn't love a giant cockatoo?
As a rule we are not fair going folks. I hate crowds and I'm not a fan of heat and believe me when I tell you Sacramento in July is HOT! Still, when going to the State Fair one must partake of all things fairish so we all got into the spirit and forged ahead. All of us love animals so of course the barns were a must see on the list.
What a disappointment. The horses were all in their stalls due to the heat, the dairy cows were wilting in the shade, no sheep or pigs at all and more goats than you would EVER want to look at and I like goats. About 10 dispirited chickens were sitting in cages with no signs to tell us breeds. In fact there were no signs anywhere to tell us anything, the animal exhibit was a bust!
On to the garden displays. There was an emphasis on our very severe drought so lots of container gardening and the containers were beautiful but not much else was on show. Sigh...

There's always the food! Funnel cakes and potato tornadoes, that greasy, fried fair food never disappoints.

Tomorrow I'll show you the prize winning quilts from the fair. You didn't think I'd go to the State Fair and not visit the quilt display did you?

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  1. Love that your grandson indulged you. Can't wait for tomorrow's post!

  2. He's good to his Gram most all the time even when it embarrasses him. ;-)


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