Friday, July 25, 2014

Good Fences Make Good Dogs

I've mentioned before that our pups Shadow and River follow us everywhere and most of the time that's not a problem.

Sweet and innocent faces right? Except when they're not so innocent. When I want them to stay in the yard they don't seem to agree. I've told you about this before and the lengths we've gone to to keep them where they belong. Sometimes I just want to take a walk all by myself without the mighty squirrel hunters. Sometimes I don't want these two scaring every deer within a 10 mile radius.
I submit to you the very latest in cattle gate extension technology - the Cattle Gate 10,000. Able to repel leaping German Shepherds and determined Border Collies. Available in front and back gate models.
As a bonus this amazing gate will also keep deer out of your garden and grand kids under the age of 8 where you put them either inside or outside the fence. This is a limited edition product and NOT available in any store. Put your critters and your kids where ya want em!

What's that you say, "Necessity is the  mother of invention?" Damn straight!

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  1. This makes me chuckle...we are doing the very same thing around here. I love the Mother of Invention! Your dogs are gorgeous!!

    1. I can't tell you number of hours spent around here on fence repair, it's never ending trying to keep some animal in or some animal out!

  2. Replies
    1. Julie you can laugh, it's all fun and games until the critter leaps the tall building! :-}

  3. That's a serious gate! Well, good for you. Doggies like that are hard to keep in the yard. You might just save their lives too.


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