Thursday, July 17, 2014

Did Someone Say Embroidery?

Val at Val's Quilting Studio has a fun linky on Tuesdays designed to revive older posts from our blogs that our newer readers may have missed. Every week features a different theme and the idea is to link up an older post you may have to match that particular theme. This week the theme is elephants and embroidery. I have no elephant quilts at all but if you've been around here for any length of  time you know I LOVE embroidery! My love is a little bit different though - I love machine embroidery and I use it a lot in my quilts. 

Just a few of my embroidery projects...

Halloween Project w/embroidery

Oh, look I found an elephant!

A baby quilt with baby animals in pajamas.
Safe Have a wildlife quilt for my teenage grandson with embroidered animals .

Classroom wall hanging for my DIL.

Beatrix Potter theme baby quilt.

Table runner with reverse embroidery.
I used to love to spend my evenings with my embroidery hoop but my hands just can't take it any more so my sewing machine allows me indulge my addiction to making beautiful pictures with thread. Thanks Val another fun linky/walk down memory lane.

Until next time,


  1. You are so very welcome. I'm also grateful for the peek into ALL your different projects. And of course, as you can geuss, I LOVE the classroom one your made for your DIL. smiles!

    1. That classroom wall hanging was so much fun to do Val. I got the designs from Embroidery Library, their designs alwyas stitch out like a dream.

  2. I think I remember your post about the Beatrix Potter quilt. I still love it!

    1. I made that one a couple of years ago for Paige and enjoyed every stitch so much. DOn't you love making things for babies?


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