Monday, May 19, 2014


That's the best way to describe the month of May on Dogwood Lane, simply glorious!
As you can see I've been playing around with the water color app in PicMonkey but really I have so many pictures of floral abundance to show you I hardly know where to start.
The lavender outside my backdoor is running riot and the bees are crazy for it. You can actually hear them buzzing from the porch. No need to worry about them as I pass by on my way to the hen house they are completely drunk with nectar and only interested in their own affairs.

Just one of the bearded iris glowing in the sun. These only bloom once a year but they put on quite a show while they can.
The snowball bush is actually taller than I am and the flower heads are as large as softballs.
We have lilacs in pink and purple, wine and white. In the early morning and evening the scent is intoxicating. It makes the stroll to the vegetable garden such a pleasure.
I've forgotten the name of this bush with variegated leaves and tiny pink flowers, it's another bee favorite especially the orchard bees which look like little flies but are actually wonderful beneficial pollinators. I wrote a post about them here (It's Buzzing Around Here).
Just look at this clematis! Can you believe the spectacle? She is the queen of the vegetable garden and she knows it. What a display of perfection!
Each one of these flowers is as large as a dinner plate, no kidding!
I hope your spring is just as glorious.

Until next time,


  1. You have such beautiful flowers! That bearded iris is gorgeous and the white clematis bloom is a wow!
    And I see that I'm going to have to play around with the water color app in PicMonkey! I like how your photo
    turned out. Have a good week!

    1. Those iris are such a pleasure in the garden that I'm thinking I need to plant more of them. My husband gives a big sigh whenever I say stuff like that and then he gets out the shovel because he knows it's no use arguing. :-)

  2. What lovely flowers you have in your garden. The clematis must be spectacular with such large blossoms.

    1. That clematis can be seen from the road and I actually had a lady pull into the drive and ask me what it was the other day. I only wish I could remember what variety it is but like most things I plant I just stick things in the ground willy nilly and hope they grow

  3. Good Afternoon Patrica, Looking at the beautiful flowers in your garden is like watching the Chelsea Flower Show.... the flower show and your garden are both so gorgeous.... you obviously have very good soil.
    I think the pink flowering shrub is a Wiegela.... they have such pretty flowers.
    Your clematis are amazing and the lavender, well it is so pretty.
    I cannot wait for my garden to flower like yours..... just a little longer and I will have lots of colour.
    Best Wishes

    1. Daphne that is quite a compliment since the Chelsea Flower Show is the most famous flower show in the world! In fact we don't have good soil at all I just try to choose plants that will do well in the poor soil we have and year after year we work to improve it. The forest is a very poor place to try and grow anything ironically. The top soil is only inches deep and the rest is hard clay, very acidic. The only thing that thrives here is trees! It's a very good thing that I love trees.

  4. Beautiful photos. So nice to see all the blooms. I agree with Daphne above, I think the pink blooms are on a Weigela bush.. I have a deep red one...

    1. Thanks Linda I'll try to remember that Weigela name I would love to have a red one. I have two of these pink ones and they seem to like our climate.


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