Thursday, March 13, 2014

We Is Friends

Every morning at exactly 10 AM rain or shine this little girl shows up at our back gate.


This is Annabelle, 50 lbs. of fun and River's BFF. Annabelle lives down the road and is an only child. She met my fur girls when she was on a walkabout in the neighborhood and they where outside with us on our daily chores. They all hit it off right away as she and River are the same age, still in the puppy young dog stage and Shadow could care less about their teenage antics.

This is Shadow, all she wants to do is chase the ball. This is her please throw the ball look. Please, please, please! How can I resist? The trouble is I've already thrown it for her for about 20 minutes and I've got chores to do. She would chase that thing until her heart gave out I swear! Sorry Shadow. 

Meanwhile River and Annabelle are doing a whole lot of running and wrestling and general shenanigans. 

Don't worry about Annabelle. She may look smaller but she's all muscle and they're well matched. River is very soft mouthed and I usually have to tell Annabelle that she's the one being too rough and give her a time out! After about an hour everyone has had enough and Annabelle stands by the gate again. Time to go home! I open the gate and she trots towards home. So long Belle see you tomorrow.

River had fun and got some of her extra wiggles out. All dogs are ready for their morning nap. 
By the way, most folks here in the country just let their dogs roam free and they wander far afield. Not all of them are as friendly as Annabelle and we have had quite a few run ins with packs of aggressive dogs. Our own dogs are never off our property off leash and are never off leash on our property unless they are with one of us. There is a county ordinance here that dogs worrying livestock may be shot on sight and many have been so I'm not taking any chances. River and Shadow just want to be with us and River will scale ANY fence if she sees us to get to us. For that reason look at the fencing we've put up to protect these two fur kids.

River was actually jumping these to get to her dad if she heard or saw him in the fields before we extended the gates. Please take care of your animals and be a good neighbor.


Sugar would like to know what all the fuss is about? I'll tell you all about Sugar the wonder chicken in another post soon.

Until next time,


  1. What a great post! Your dogs are very pretty and you are smart to be a safe and careful pet owner. My daughter's dog got away from her home yesterday morning for several hours and she was in a panic. He is the dachshund of whom I posted a picture a week or so ago. He is a cutie, but is not used to wandering about. Thankfully, he came home on his own and was heard outside, driving the chickens crazy in their coop, but not before he had the whole family, including us, his grandparents, worried.

    Your Sugar is so pretty, too. I am posting her picture on my Feathered Friends board on Pinterest!

    1. Thank goodness that pup got himself home safe, can't they just scare the pants off ya?! I get myself in a state when I think about losing one of these guys especially because they could be hurt so many ways out here in the country. I'd like to see your Pinterest board I'll look for it.

  2. Good Evening Patrica, I am intrigued..... Sugar the Wonder Chicken... I look forward to hearing all about her. Shadow is adorable and Annabelle looks like a barrel of fun. George has fallen in love with River as we had an Alsatian who was part of our family many, years ago. We don't own a dog nowadays, because we travel a lot..... but who knows, maybe one day.
    Best Wishes

    1. Ah yes The Wonder Chicken. Sugar is such a funny chick I hope I can do her justice. River is such a sweet girl and you can tell George she really prefers men. She likes me well enough but her heart belongs to daddy!

  3. I totally loved this post. We are HUGE animal lovers but are currently FUR free :( This makes us sad but it is best for this stage of our lives.
    You have some beautiful dogs and dog neighbor...thank you for sharing. Oh and we once had a German shepherd named "Dixie" that kept climbing our fence. She never left the property but she scared the neighbors.......wimps!

    1. One of the main reasons we keep the girls fenced - the neighbors are more afraid of sweet River than they are of the marauding pit bulls around here because she's a GSD ...wimps ! She sure can get over those fences though. River is the most affectionate dog to her family and the most aloof with strangers perfect country dog.


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