Friday, March 21, 2014

Absent With Cause
A couple of months ago I mentioned that Chris and I belonged to an organization called the Flying Doctors and I've had a few questions from readers since then. We just returned from a two day event in Fresno working in the dental clinic where Chris acted as an interpreter and I was a general volunteer. We had a great time and in our two days the clinic served probably 400 dental patients. Men, women and especially children who do not have access to dental care due to poverty. Since I was on the dental side I have no idea how many medical patients came through the clinic but I do know there were a lot of folks lined up when we showed up each morning at 5 AM.

Chris is preparing for a trip to Mexico in May and I'm excited to work again in an upcoming clinic in Thermal, California.

Los M├ędicos Voladores (LMV; the flying doctors) is a volunteer-based nonprofit organization that helps improve the health and well-being of the peoples of Mexico and Central America through the provision of no-cost, high-quality healthcare and health education clinics in rural villages in northern Mexico (northern Sonora and Baja), El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras; and among migrant labor populations in the Coachella Valley of the southwestern United States (southern California). Since 1975 LMV has offered more than 230 short-term medical, dental, optometry, and other healthcare clinics, treating over 7,000 patients per year.

To find out more about the Flying Doctors go to Become a volunteer have the adventure of a lifetime! 

And, just in case you thought I was all selfless and stuff, I have to confess I've just returned from a fun filled family vacation to of all places... Las Vegas! Chris and I met our oldest son and his family in the desert and had a fabulous time hanging out with the kids by the pool and soaking up the sights. I didn't pull a single lever in the four days I was there! That must be some kind of record. I did however eat a lot of fabulous food and I might have had a cocktail once the kids were in bed. I took a lot of pictures of quilty inspiration which I'll be sharing because Vegas is all about opulence and I saw quilt ideas everywhere.

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  1. Bless you and your husband for your charitable efforts. Thank you for you caring hearts and willingness to use your skills to help!

    I am also very happy to hear that you will reward yourself every so often!

    1. The trip to Vegas was my kids idea and I have a rule - when your kids invite you to do something with them whether they are four or forty you go!

  2. That is a truly worthwhile cause and you deserve the visit to Las Vegas, its one place I would love to visit to see all that opulence and rich colour and the cocktail around the pool sounds pretty good too!!

    1. My first visit and probably my last. The gambling scene is not my thing but the spectacle was certainly something and I LOVED some of those hotel lobbies OMG gorgeous!


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