Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nellies Show & Tell

The Original Needle Nellies had our first meeting of the new year last week and as is our tradition we all brought the gifts we received at our Christmas party in December to show off. Truth be told at that December party we're all having too much fun talking and eating and just getting up to mischief to really appreciate our presents so the first meeting in January we devote to oohing and ahhing over these treasures and planning our upcoming events.

Let me just say that I'm blessed with a group of such generous and talented friends. We draw names in January for the following December so we have an entire year to plan the perfect project. The 18 of us have been together now for 16 plus years and we know each others likes and dislikes pretty well by now so no one goes away with a gift they don't want. Here are the pictures to prove it.

This darling Fall theme quilt was MY GIFT from Miss Helen! Isn't it just perfect? I love, love it!

I already showed you the gift set of place mats and table runner I made for Miss Bev.

A sweet miniature by Suzanne. Those squares are tiny.

I don't remember who made this pillow but there are several covers that go with this project and the covers can be changed out by unbuttoning them and buttoning on a new one. So clever.

A primitive flag theme with plaid border. Love the embroidery - Land of the free and home of the brave.

More embroidery in this sweet wall hanging. There were a lot of miniatures this year.

Another mini project this time in wool applique for a table stand. I have one of these table stands and like to make small projects for it.

I remember that this was made by Vicki for Natalie. Vicki is our resident machine applique expert and Natalie is our resident crazy cat lady. (You know it's true Natalie)

Just look at this unique project! A jewelery holder for the top of a dresser in the form of a velvet hat complete with peacock feather embellishment. There are a pair of earrings pinned at the top right to give you an idea of how this is used. My goodness this is cute. Marie made this and the mat it sits on.

Two talented women and their quilt! Helen on the left and Dorothy on the right. This was Dorothy's gift for Helen. Helen is beaming, Beam is her last name and a more fitting name there never was Helen is always beaming. Dorothy is an accomplished applique artist as you can see.

Finally, I must show you the quilt Suzanne just finished. She's been working on this beauty for quite some time in between finishing other project. Talk about an accomplished applique artist. Suzanne's talents are on full display with this quilt and I just love it. Quilted and bound. Well done Suzanne!

I seems I didn't get a picture of all the Christmas gifts.  But you can certainly see the talents of our group from the pictures I did get.  

Remember that I mentioned we used the first January meeting to plan upcoming events? Somehow I might have raised my hand and volunteered to come up with a Valentine project for the group to tackle at our next meeting. I'll be showing you what I decided to do soon.

Until next time,


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    1. Thanks Debbie aren't my friends talented?

  2. It is wonderful that you and your friends have been getting together for so long. (And 18 of you makes it incredible!) There were some very nice gifts exchanged and also some amazing quilts. Lots of talent amongst you all :)

    1. It is a blessing Jeanna although we have some bumps in the friendship road let me tell ya!

  3. What wonderful gifts! I loved them all! I am missing having a quilting group! This post was full of inspiration!
    xo Kris

    1. Kris I hope you can find a quilting sister or two soon it makes such a difference.

  4. Good Evening Patrica, It is so lovely that you and your friends have known each other for so long and that you can choose just the right gift for the person you are sewing for. There are so many wonderful quilts, large and small. I really like the appliqued heart quilt made by Suzanne as I have a love of heart designs in the quilts which I sew. You are a group of very talented ladies.
    Enjoy your beautiful quilt and have a lovely weekend.
    Best Wishes

    1. Thank you Daphne. I hope you are rested after what I know was a very special but I'm sure exhausting holiday.


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