Friday, October 11, 2013

Hill Country Holiday

THE most important day of the year has come and gone here in Georgetown. Of course, I'm talking about Founder's Day, a celebration of all things Georgetownian. A chance to get together with our neighbors and let our hair down.

There's always dancing in the street to music provided by guitar pickers.

You can buy a ticket for a chance to win a pretty quilt. The proceeds go to support the local volunteer fire department. This year's quilt was a big winner at the county fair just look at those ribbons!

Speaking of the Volunteer Fire Department. Founders Day this year was dedicated to our brave firefighters and you could see evidence of appreciation all over Main Street.

What would a celebration be without a parade? Our parade was kicked off by these beauties. A horse drawn fire engine. Wow!

There are always Jeeps in a Georgetown parade, after all we're famous for the Rubicon Trail. The toughest off road trail in the country. Jeepers from around the world travel here to try their luck on the Rubicon. It may have been quite some time ago since this one traveled that trail though.

More live music from a beautiful steam calliope.

And, always kids and their pets to liven up the parade route.

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  1. Look like a great time for everyone. Loved the quilt.

    1. This is always the highlight of the year here in our small town, we all look forward to it.

  2. What a great community! Amazing quilt...someone got a real beauty :)

    1. Each year the proceeds from the quilt raffle benefit the volunteer fire department so the community really loves to participate and buy tickets.


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