Thursday, September 19, 2013

People Who Live In Glass Houses...

should not wave around brooms! This is a sad story about what happens when a person who shall remain nameless (starts with C) got over zealous about cleaning up the front porch and put a broom handle through our beautiful stained glass window!

Here you see the window from the outside after the damage is done to the upper portion. Shipping tape has been applied to try and prevent further breakage. This window is one of my very favorite things in the house and I'm just sick about this. When we first walked into this house this was one of the things that sold me on this rather masculine pile of wood and brick. I know, I know, it's just a thing and the world has not come to an end but I can feel sad all the same. Mr. C feels worse believe me and I'm not rubbing it in for his sake. After all this accident could have just as easily happened to me. Haven't I waved around a broom or two in my time as well? As you can see the window is set into a brick wall and custom made for the space, this is not going to be easy to replace folks.

Here's the view from inside the house. Dogwood branches for Dogwood Lane Farm how fitting. This is looking out from our kitchen to the front porch.

And now the HOLE. After a lot of team work involving our son and grandson the broken stained glass was removed without further damage and what we have here is a deep, brick oval. I kind of like the Hobbit Hole effect don't you? 

It took quite a bit of calling around to find an artisan to attempt a repair. When he saw the window he told us that he could not replace the glass as it was all antique glass no longer available unless we wanted to import hand blown glass from Germany. He had no idea how the person who made the window originally was even able to construct it as he certainly could not. The bottom line - a whole new window has to be made. I insisted on an exact reproduction of the design, he insisted on modern construction methods, we settled on a price somewhere north of extortion. Sigh. Our homeowners insurance is no help because we have an even higher deductible. 

I'm grateful we have the means to replace it at all and grateful we were able to find an artist willing to take on the task. I'll keep you  posted when the new window is ready for installation. I'm sure that will be a tale.

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  1. Oh goodness! Such a beautiful window! At least you were able to find someone who could replace it.

  2. Oh, no! It was a beautiful window; I hope the replacement meets your expectations.

  3. I do stain glass. I have also repaired some. My question is why couldn't he add new glass to the old piece? You can get glass in all thickens. He could also take some of the old glass out and add it to the new window. That being said I haven't seen the piece. But it might be worth asking. Check the internet. There are restorers of old glass windows out there.

  4. what a beautiful window. hope the replacement is just as nice. I warned hubby so he could see the DANGERS in cleaning! LOL( more time for sewing)
    good luck and hope all ends well

  5. I guess there are a lot of good practical reasons for just demolishing the window glass, heh. Though I figure, you can still install a new window glass and frame there at the same time, which can still be durable and functional at the same time. Dunno; feels more complete with those. Take your pick, btw.

    Mason @ Renewal Of Maine


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