Friday, June 21, 2013

The Slap of the Screen Door

Nothing quite evokes summer memories like that sound. Kids running in and out of the house and the screen door banging and the bugs getting in around the warped frame and don't forget the bats. Remember the bats? I told you about the bat in my bedroom and that wasn't the first time a bat has wandered into my house. We had to do something about those damn screen doors now that summer really is here and the doors are open all the time. Besides they're ugly and old. We have two double door entrances. One in the front and one in the back that needed help.

These have been replaced with:

Retractable screen doors that slide into the frame and virtually disappear. During the winter we can open them into the frame and they will be completely out of the weather. They close really tight with magnets. These babies are not cheap! In fact the two of them for our French doors were quite expensive and must be factory installed, it took the guy who came out about three hours to put them in. I debated this purchase for a long time, years in fact. But, the last bat incident sealed the deal!

Besides, don't they look nice from the inside? Bring on the summer breeze.  As you can see Shadow and River are spoiled rotten dogs with dog beds and crates with garden views right in the middle of the action!

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  1. I have one on my front door and love it. Just have to remind people to hold onto the door when they open it or it slams open on them. It really retracts !

    1. You're right about that so we paid extra for an arrester to hold it back from doing that a little bit and it really helps.

  2. Learned something new---I had never heard of screen doors that retract. They sure look nice! I'm afraid of bats too! And I'm not afraid of much in the critter world, but bats just make me hysterical.

    1. Bats outside are no big deal but in my house - yikes! I'm lovin the look of these new doors but the cost is really out there for such large doors, I really had to think long and hard on this one.


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