Sunday, May 5, 2013

You're Absolutely Right!

I have been gone a long time. In my defense there's been a lot going on  and we've been traveling to meet family obligations. My husband's next younger brother (he has four - two older and two younger) got married and Chris was a groomsman. Since both parties were widowed it turned out to be a bitter sweet affair with echoes of former times and hopes for a brighter future. 

This little sweetheart, our granddaughter Claire just about stole the show from the bride! She loves to dance and sing. She'll turn 2 this month and has plenty to say on a wide range of subjects in two languages, Mandarin and English. Get a look at those silver slippers, her favorites!

I can't believe this is the only picture I took of Chris in all his wedding finery! He looked so handsome, just picture him standing up and minus the beer bottle. So classy.

As soon as we hit our front door after an exhausting 8 hour drive home Chris went to bed with a horrendous chest cold. It must have been that one beer he had at the wedding and sleeping in hotel rooms and long drives and that one beer.

I hit the ground running cuz it's garden planting time and the garden waits for no woman. The growing season is so short here in the foothills that we can't afford to wait. When the time is right get those veggies in the ground. So while my hubby languished in his sick bed I hoed and weeded and planted squash; red, green and hot peppers; tomatoes; chard; transplanted two more roses; sunflowers and sweet William; fertilized the roses and watered it all in. I'll show you how the May garden is doing in a future post. It looks fantastic!

As soon as Chris started to feel better on Friday the bug hit me! Isn't that always the way things go? I HATE a head cold it makes me feel like a child again with that awful drippy, sneezy nose.

To end this week on a fantastic note our oldest grandson Jed stopped by on his way to his senior prom and posed for one picture. So handsome. He graduates with honors in three weeks and then heads off to college in August (gasp).

Until next time,


  1. What beautiful grandchildren Pat, you look great too!

  2. Thanks Julie! My grand kids are gorgeous if I do say so myself. I wish they all lived close by. I'm trying to get well and catch up on all i have to do.


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