Monday, May 27, 2013

Pretty Is As Pretty Does

When I told you about my new camera I also told you that the camera case that came with it wasn't even big enough to fit the camera much less the cords or battery charger or other doodads. Why they would give you a case that doesn't fit their camera is a mystery. That's a rant I won't even get into.

So I went shopping for a case that actually fit the equipment. What a shock. Camera cases are expensive folks! Like really expensive. I just knew I could do better than spend close to $100 on a carrying devise and I did!

Behold!! My new camera case. It's cute, it's blue and it holds EVERYTHING. I shopped around and found this purse at Ross (my favorite discount store, by the way) for $12! It has a sturdy, long strap for carrying and an inside zipper for extra memory cards or whatever. The battery charger and transfer chords  fit and even the manual.

Score! Do you try to find an alternative to high priced items? What's your best adaptation? DO TELL.

Until next time,


  1. I don't know how creative I am in repurposing items, but I do look at thrift stores and garage sales for items that are normally expensive.

    1. I looked all over the house for something to use before going shopping for this purse. I really didn't want to spend any money, I do think $12 was pretty cheap tho.


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