Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's a Waiting Game

Only four days to go until HATCH DAY. Mrs. Gold has been patiently setting and this morning is the first time I've actually seen her off the nest. This is her first time and I'm so surprised at how well she's doing as a broody. I'm hoping she will do equally well as a mother bringing up her chicks. It rained heavily all night last night and when I went out to check on her this morning she was walking around her little enclosure soaking up some sun and getting a drink, grabbing a bite to eat. I brought her a dry curtain for her nest box and as soon as I replaced the soggy curtain she scooted back inside cooing to her eggs and rearranging them.

June 1st is hatch day and we're expecting a full house of nine lunch guests. They might be surprised by peeps! For now the maternity ward is quiet. 17 days down and counting...

Until peeps day,

6/31/13, 8 PM - We have 2 chicks so far!! I'm so excited. Goldy is being such a patient mama waiting for the others to hatch and keeping her two new babies safe. The first little one is a fuzzy yellow ball of fluff the the other is white with a black stripe, both super cute and active. I'll keep you all posted.



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