Wednesday, May 15, 2013

In the May Garden

Spring arrives in waves in the foothills. April brings the lilacs, wisteria and dogwoods if we're lucky. Their glory is fleeting and a cold snap might turn their beauty to withered black so we really love them if they stay.

 Then comes May, glorious May!

These blooms are as big as dinner plates!

The vegetable garden is all planted with tomatoes, beans, squash, cucumber, strawberries and herbs.

Next will come the roses to prove that all the planning and digging and winter dreaming were worth it. How does your garden grow?

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  1. Beautiful photos. Thanks for the little walk through your garden. May is always really nice for my garden, too. I have Iris (my favorite), 100's of Roses, and this year, lots of Sweet William, too. The wild daisies are blooming by the roadside. My vegetables look pretty sad this year, but I'm working on them anyway. I love my yard this time of year. Have a super day!

    1. Roses are my very favorite but it's not quite warm enough for them to show off. Sweet William I love and I scatter it everywhere. I can't seem to grow a vegetable to save my life but still I persevere! A gardener lives on hope. Spring here on Dogwood Lane is very hopeful.

  2. Good Morning Patrica, It is lovely to enjoy your beautiful flowers. Here in England the seasons seem to held back a month. The Daffodils are still blooming, along with the Crocus, but other than that I have two types of Pulmonaria (which the bees adore) flowering. I have leaves on my roses, but no buds.... but I am so happy to say, I checked the garden this morning and I have buds on some of my Clematis and Forsythia. I think it will be June before my garden is flowering and bursting with colour this year.
    Thank you for the tour of your lovely garden.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Best Wishes

    1. The daffodils and lilacs are the first to come and go here in the mountains, almost before you know it and if it freezes they're gone in a blink. Soon the roses will be blooming if the heat comes on. I have some amazing roses which I've managed to save out of the rose garden disaster. Isn't it fun to see gardens from other places? I just love it. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Wonderful photos of your garden. We have been having winds that have dried up a lot of the flowers which is sad for May. I haven't did a thing with my water barrel yet due to eye surgery, but the one in your picture is lovely!

    1. The winds have now come our way but they're COLD! Take are of your eyes the water feature can wait and water lilies like hot weather best any way.


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