Saturday, March 2, 2013

Not Normal

That would describe just about everything here on Dogwood Lane but more specifically the weather around here just has not been normal! Ordinarily it would be cold and dreary in February and by the time March rolls around we are more than ready for some sunshine. But not this year. This year we are praying for rain, snow, cold all the things that will let us know that winter really exists. One of the reasons I haven't been doing much sewing or posting is that I've been working in the garden instead of spending time indoors beside a warm fire as is only proper in February! This is good news/bad news. We're getting a jump on spring chores but all my ordinary winter projects are falling by the wayside.

Snow did fall around Valentine's Day. A goodly amount as you can see. The hen's house was covered and the rose/vegetable garden was blanketed. Whew, I can have a rest! NOT SO FAST.

It warmed up so quick it made my head spin and that snow was gone in about four days. If you recall the Great Tree Falling you know what a mess this garden has been so you also can appreciate how much work needs to be done here and we're getting it done in these 50* days. It just feels weird to be working in shirt sleeves this time of year.

Building a new arbor and retaining walls.

Bob and the girls went from spending time in their snow cave to hanging out at their custom chicken spa.

Relaxing in the dust baths - their favorite activity by far!

Kicking up dust - keep your eyes closed!
While the girls get in some 'me time' I'll go back to helping Chris build raised garden beds and hoping for rain if not snow. We really do need it if we want the summer to be fruitful.

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  1. I should have been spending more time outside--the roses that I've been meaning to prune are now leafing out. Hopefully I'll make it out there today.

    1. I feels wrong to complain about GOOD weather but this false spring can do so much harm to the fruit trees and other blooming plants when that late frost rolls in. Still, we are getting a lot yard work done.

  2. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

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