Friday, February 1, 2013

Culture Week


Can you even begin to imagine what's going on in this photo?
Last week my quilting friends the Needle Nellies went on a field trip to the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento to view the Norman Rockwell exhibit. What a wonderful show it was. The exhibit spanned his entire working life from the early 1920's to the 1960's and included many of the iconic works we all know and love. It also included every Saturday Evening Post cover he ever illustrated. They did not allow photos in the exhibit but they very cleverly set up a photo op outside where one could pose as the artist just as Norman Rockwell himself did for a famous self portrait. Loved the day out with friends and loved seeing these works close up.


The very next night Chris and I had tickets for the Community Center Theater production of Rock of Ages. In case you are unaware I'll quote this description from the Sac Bee theater review of the show:  "A jukebox musical based on the songs of such legendary Broadway composing teams as Poison and Whitesnake, "Rock of Ages" celebrates the whiskey-soaked debauchery of rock clubs on Los Angeles' Sunset Strip in the 1980s." We are season ticket holders at the Community Theater so we gamely filed in and buckled up. Oh my! Two words for you LOUD and RAUNCHY! The entire audience looked a little shell shocked by intermission and quite a few seats were empty for the second act. But we soldiered on. By golly we paid for these seats and we're gonna sit here til the last dog is hung! The Sac Bee reviewer gave it a thumbs up by the way and I will say the musicians and actors gave it their all. My ears are still ringing. In my defense I didn't like this music when I was younger either.

Blog Anniversary Giveaway

 Have you been drooling over those luscious  red fabrics that Connecting Threads came out with recently? They sold out almost as soon as they hit the market. I fell hard for those and I was able to score some for my very own. Here's the fun part - my blog anniversary is coming up on February 3 and I'm going to share some of these wonderful fabrics with you, my readers. I really want my followers to know how much I appreciate them.

If you would like some of this Connecting Threads red fabric all you have to do is:
A - Become a follower.
B - Leave a comment. Been to any good plays or movies lately? Do you have a recommendation for us? Or what's the worst show you ever saw? We usually remember those. 

Simple. I'll be picking the winner on February 4. You can enter more than once so check back and enter whenever I post until then.

Only my followers can win this one but I promise you'll be glad you joined this give away.

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  1. I think your title for the post is perfect!! The Norman Rockwell exhibit looks very interesting.....the concert............I think I would have been one of those that didn't come back after intermission :)

    1. I loved the Rockwell exhibit but the play was a bust. I guess we can't win em all.

  2. how cool to actually experience how Norman made his self portrait. makes you really appreciate others talents

    I too would have left the concert after intermission. what a shame as events are not usually inexpensive ordeals

    1. We are so stubborn that we refuse to leave and throw away good money even if we don't like the show. It has to be truly awful before we'll quit! I'm trying to get over this tho and this show may have been the cure!


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