Monday, December 17, 2012

Mechanical Action

I promised in this post that I would show you how this baby works.  

I have no affiliation with or recompense from this product, I just like it and thought you might too.
Even though canning may be the furthest thing from your mind right now you might be making out a Christmas wish list and I think this wonder device should be on it. 

Not really meant for leeks!

 No more peeling tomatoes or apples before turning them into sauce. What a time saver. Just chop up what ever your using, in this case apples. Soften by heating for 10 or 15 minutes on low with a small amount of water and run them through the food strainer.

The peels and seeds and cores come out one side and the good stuff comes out the other side! Wow is all I can say. I have spent literally hours peeling and coring apples in the past to make applesauce so this seems like a miracle to me. I ran the peels and cores through twice and got a goodly amount of usable pulp from the second run so that was worthwhile. You can see that the sauce is tinged slightly pink from the skins and with very little water added it's all apple, so yummy.

I don't add sugar to my applesauce. I just rely on the natural sweetness of the apples, in this case a combination of Arkansas Black and Golden Delicious. Sweet apple goodness ready for us all through the year. Consider this food strainer and sauce maker if you're going to do a lot of canning it really will save you so much time. It comes with the screen for tomatoes and apples and such like. You can get a screen for berries but that's extra. I found mine at Placerville Hardware Store for $69. I chose this one because it was recommended at my Master Food Preserver class and because I can get a motor for it that will also work on my hand crank pasta maker if the spirit ever moves me.

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  1. Wow, that is amazing! I've seen these but never seen such clear pictures on how well they work! It might just have to go on my birthday list for this year! Thanks for the info!
    Saw you sharing at Tilly's Nest
    Debbie :)

    1. Glad I could help. My Master Food Preserver class gave me the recommendation and I'm glad I went with it. Next I'll get the berry screen so I can make seed free jams and jellies. The chickens LOVED the leftovers by the way.

    2. Master Food Preserver class is offered through the University extension here in El Dorado County. Maybe there's something similar near you. I've been learning a lot and classes are free.


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