Friday, November 16, 2012

A Trip to Apple Hill

Chris and I took a trip to the apple country about an hour drive from here a couple of weeks ago to get our harvest fix before the truly bad weather set in and since we both are retired now it was possible to go on a weekday instead of wait until the weekend crush. What a difference it makes to be at the orchards on a Tuesday rather than a Saturday! Since Apple Hill as the region is known is less than a two hour dry from Sacramento it's a very popular Fall destination for city folks to bring the kids to pick fruit and pick out pumpkins and generally breath country air and the traffic can be brutal.

As you can see by the lack of cars we picked the right day. Isn't this place gorgeous? I always like to stop at this farm just to walk the grounds and look at their gardens.

 It had rained that morning which also kept people away. We've discovered that if we only did things in perfect weather around here we would be stuck indoors most of the year so a little rain does not deter us.

 The sun came out and it turned into a perfect day for hunting for just the right apples for applesauce and dried apples. I got boxes of Golden Delicious and Arkansas Black for my applesauce. Braeburn and Gala for drying and eating out of hand.

 Almost every farm has a bakery to tempt you. Yum, an apple turnover with caramel sauce. Delicious.

Last stop - Boa Vista Orchards. They're open all year unlike most of the others and have great seasonal produce usually at a decent price. I already have all the apples I need and at better prices. They can charge more cuz they're close to the highway. Remember to venture off the beaten path!

Do you have a favorite place to go for pumpkins, apples, whatever in the Fall?
Until next time,