Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Where Did the Month Go?

Happy Halloween! Halloween is a VERY big deal here in Georgetown. The whole town closes down at dusk with Main Street and Church Streets becoming spook central. Kids from all the ranches and farms come into town to trick or treat and the community has been collecting/donating candy for the occasion all month. The shops on Main Street usually offer hot food and cider to the grown ups as well as candy for the little ones and there is a truly scary haunted house around the corner if you're brave enough. Everyone is expected to get into costume young and old and we look forward to walking down Church Street in the dark delighting in the children's laughter and sometimes shrieks.

I truly am amazed at how swiftly October has flown by and when I looked at my calendar I realized why it went so fast - we have been really busy! How do you keep track of your life, schedules, appointments? This is how we do it. This systems works for us and has for many years so I thought I'd share it with you.

This is the door to the mud room/hallway in the kitchen. I used brown chalkboard paint and painted the top third for messages etc. A metal strip from the hardware store also painted brown is stuck on with double sided tape so that I can put the biggest calendar I can reasonably fit with magnets to the door. Every appointment and meeting is written on the calendar. Reminders are written on the chalkboard as well as messages.

Then we both have personal calendars. Chris' is the large desk type one, very neat. Mine is kept in my purse, not so neat  but it works for me. Usually on Sundays we sit down together with all three calendars to plan our week and coordinate to make sure we know what's coming up and who is going where. This might seem like over planning to some but it absolutely drives me crazy to not know what, where and when events are coming up and more importantly what's expected of me.

I see now why the month flew by so fast. We spent nearly two weeks traveling in So. Calif, camping with friends, doctor appointments both human and animal, a fun trip to Apple Hill (I'll tell you about that soon), an all day car repair, quilt guild and sewing with friends (leave room for fun I say), out to dinner with friends (ditto)... See what I mean, time flies. How do you keep track of your life? Are you as compulsive orderly as we are?

Until next time,


  1. Oh, if I don't write it down, I'm apt to forget. We have a magnetic 4-week dry-erase calendar stuck on the fridge. Each week is a separate strip, so when one week is done, I erase it and put it at the bottom. That way we always see 4 weeks in advance. In addition, I keep a 2-year calendar in my purse. Once a week, when I rotate the fridge calendar, I review it and make sure that everything from my purse calendar is transfered to the fridge calendar. The rest of the family knows to consult the fridge calendar, and to write down any of their upcoming events there.

    1. Glad to know we're not the only ones with compulsive calendar disorder.

  2. Somehow I was so much more organized when there were more of us at home. With just the two of us I think we have both become lazy. We have a desk calendar and I have a calendar in my purse. However, it seems that our commitments don't always get written down on the desk calendar (both or our responsibilities).

    Just this morning I was looking at a much nicer calendar/day planner at the store and thinking about how I need to go back to "my old way" come January. Something has to change because I sure don't feel very organized in my daily planning anymore...feel very scatter brain.


    1. I know what you mean. I used to be the person who was never late for anything but since I'm no longer working I've developed this lackadaisical attitude. I don't know what's gotten into me really and now I'm late all the time! sigh


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