Sunday, October 21, 2012

Silent Bob & His Ladies

Bob has grown up to be quite a handsome boy. Big, beautiful and robust. He struts around like he owns the place but true to his name he seldom crows. Just about the perfect rooster. He does get all uppity once in a while and has to be put in his place by a large leaf rake I keep close by just for that purpose. Sometimes he gets confused about just which side his bread is buttered on and who does the buttering!

Every morning he greets the day around 6 AM and soon after that one of us opens the hatch to let the flock out. Bob is very anxious to do his husbandly duty by each of his nine wives but like most women they are not so interested in the early morning so a wild chase ensues around the yard with hens dashing here and there trying to avoid poor amorous Bob. If only he would employ a little finesse I'm sure he would be more successful. Don't feel too sorry for him things calm down and by mid-morning even Bob has had enough chasing around. No wonder he's silent, he's out of breath! SB has his favorite wives and every night they cuddle up with him on the perch where he spreads his wings and they snuggle, two under each wing. Even when it was so hot they would not give up their preferred spot next to the Big Man.

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  1. Well, he certainly thinks so :}

  2. This is so cute! Our head rooster likes to chase the girls around a lot in the mornings, too. All those hormones I guess, haha!

    Visiting from Farmgirl Friday :)

  3. Sometimes their antics just make me laugh but I do feel sorry for the girls having to start their day with a chase scene.

  4. :) Our rooster passed on this spring and we don't have a replacement yet. I miss having a rooster around and enjoyed hearing about yours. Found you on Farmgirl friday and am following now :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by Lisa and for following. Sorry about your rooster. Last year we lost our entire flock to bears! You can read about it here


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