Friday, September 7, 2012

What I've Learned

The number one thing I've learned is how kind and generous all my internet friends are in sharing their knowledge! Wow, everyone has been so helpful. Thank you all so much!

The next thing I've learned much to my sorrow is nothing in life is really free, almost but not really. I just didn't give picture storage must thought going into this blog thing. Frankly I don't know what I was thinking, but now my eyes are open and I hope you all can learn from my misstep. There is a limited amount of FREE storage offered on your blogger account. If you are using Wordpress or some other service for your blogging look into how they handle photo storage. In order to take advantage of the maximum amount of that FREE storage it's a good idea to down size your photos before you upload them to your blog. Some people suggest 500 pixels on the long side some 800. Whichever you choose most photos will upload at and astounding 2000 pixels or more so you can see how you can reach that storage limit pretty quickly.

It was suggested that I delete some photos from my Picasa albums to make room and downsize from now on. When I tried that it removed the photos from the blog as well leaving a hole in past posts! Not a pretty sight and not what I want to present to the world. I think I have decided to purchase more storage going forward and from now on down size my photos so that I can get away with the minimum purchase plan.

On the plus side I have learned to reduce the size of my photos in two different programs, Picasa and Photo Scape and how to watermark them too! Thanks everyone for all your encouragement and help. We all live and learn!

Paige says, "Hi, I'm 2 months old!"
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