Friday, August 31, 2012

What a Difference

Yep, there's quite a difference in the before and after mess factor. The rose garden/soon to be vegetable garden clean-up has continued and along with it we've been getting our winter fire wood ready. 

After the tree was cut into logs we rented a splitter and between out two households (our son's and ours) we split about three cords of wood in a day. Two for them and one for us, all from our own downed trees. We still need about two more cords which I think I'll have to buy soon.

As you can see it was all hands on deck for this major work day. It's a big help to have the grands old enough and big enough to make a real contribution. They can really put in a days work let me tell ya!

Chris also spent a day renovating the composting area so that those pesky skunks will have to go to some major trouble from now on to feast at our house. The blue trash cans are bottomless and aerated to hold kitchen compost and the garden compost pile is to the right. Come on wormies do your stuff. It's all fenced off  so the dogs won't be playing in it either. For some reason Shadow loves her some compost!?

Until next time,


  1. Lots of outdoor work being done at your place! Wish I could say the same, though at my house there is no firewood cutting or dramatic skunk prevention--just weeding and cleanup :)

  2. Sometimes all that needs doing around here can be overwhelming but we enjoy the results.


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