Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rose Garden Clean-up Continues

As you can imagine dropping a giant dead Madrone on a rose garden (read about it here) is not so good for said garden. In fact it creates quite a mess and pretty much destroys the whole thing. It just was not possible to do this any other way and that darn tree was a real hazard to people and structures so we had to let the branches fall where they might and now we deal with the aftermath.

Chris has his Search and Rescue shirt on just in case we need trained assistance!
 Our son Zack came over with his 24" chain saw to help and he and Chris got to work cutting the tree into usable fire wood. If the logger had done this for us it would have cost us twice as much, this way it cost us several days work but no cash.

These rounds still need to be split.  Zack has rounds on his property that need splitting too, we'll rent a splitter for a day to do that and divide the cost and labor. With all of us on deck we can do four cords of splitting in a day.

We decided to go ahead and take down this small pine while we were making a mess to create maximum sun exposure. While this rose garden has been a great joy to me instead of renovating it we've decided to convert it into a working vegetable garden. Given the state of the economy and the outlook for the future it just seems like the more prudent way to go. Fewer flowers and more food.

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  1. Looks like a busy day! We cut wood also for heating our house and were lucky to get the wood from a large oak tree nearby that had been cut down.

    1. We need more wood still but this is a good start. There is a dead tree at the bottom of the woods that needs to come down but we're waiting for cooler weather.

  2. We have an allotment and over the years one thing I've learned is that flowers and vegetables go together. Some flowers actively deter insects like green and black fly, and carrot root fly, and the denser you plant your vegetable / flower rows, the less weeding you have to do. So you can definitely have both!

  3. Thanks for the advise Kim, I'm definitely keeping my flowers just not quite so many. We have to make room for beauty as well as function in our lives. ANd a vegetable garden is beautiful too!


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