Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Please, God, Let Them Be Amazing

This is the true story of MY beautiful God-Daughter's fight for life against all odds written by her husband Kyle and published today. It is wonderfully written and truly inspiring, you won't be disappointed when you read their life affirming story. I am so proud of both of them. Available for sale at Amazon and at the family website

Kyle Ervin, by all accounts, was a happy man with a wife he adored, three great kids, and one on the way. He wrote humorous and newsy Christmas letters to family and friends each year that expressed his profound gratitude for the fullness of love in his life. But weeks before Christmas in 2009, FEAR took center stage in Kyle Ervin’s life.
After a fragile and frightening pregnancy, Anthony Ervin was born a month premature via emergency C-section. He weighed only two pounds twelve ounces. As the newborn struggled for life in the neonatal intensive care unit, Kyle’s wife Brynn suffered a massive pulmonary embolism.
Kyle, there at the hospital when the blood clot stopped his wife’s heart did the only thing he could – He prayed.
Knowing his wife’s only chance for survival were the men and women in scrubs that responded to the emergency, he said the only prayer that made sense to him at the time: Please, God, Let them do their finest work. Please, God, Let them be amazing.
Kyle Ervin’s story of struggle and pain, with FEAR as his companion, takes him one step at a time through the valley of the shadow of death. Please, God, Let Them Be Amazing demonstrates how God works miracles through the talents and strengths of many different people, and how, with the help of many, a family survived its darkest moment.

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  1. I'll have to add that to my reading list; it sounds like a great read. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Even though this story happened in our family I still can hardly believe it myself. You won't be disappointed when you read about the amazing power of prayer and faithfulness in our lives.

  2. Replies
    1. Get out the tissue box and be prepared to meet a branch of my family I haven't talked about before.

  3. Thank you for sharing. Your post made me cry. I thank God every day for the amazing people who work their majic. They did for me on the 11/11/2009 when an Aneurism burst in my brain. My husband has been my rock.


    1. Pauline,

      As I'm sure you know Brynn is not the same person she was before this event and will always be in some ways disabled. But we are so grateful to have her back in our lives and to have her back for her children. She is still the same funny, irreverent girl we knew only now with a memory and balance issue!


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