Friday, August 24, 2012

Making Yogurt

I've been making my own yogurt for 30 years. I know what you're thinking, how can that be? Well, I am one of those original granola munching types who sent her kids to school with healthy food in a brown sack and embarrassed the heck out of them back in the day. Scared them for life just ask them they'll tell you all about it. And, I have been recycling since forever. Anyway... back to making yogurt. We used to eat it by the quart when we had all the kids at home and I made it in Mason jars in the oven using the pilot light for heat. Remember those? Pilot lights in ovens I mean. Now that there is just Chris and me I use this handy dandy yogurt maker that makes just about enough to last a week or so and no need to find a heat source, it's built in. I got mine from Chef's catalog for about $36 and it's lasted now at least 5 years so far.

5 cups milk (any kind -whole, 2%, skimmed) I use 2%
1/2 cup dry milk (this makes yogurt thicker and increases protein content)
3/4 cups natural active culture plain yogurt

Heat your milk until bubbles start to form. You don't have to be too precise here. Heating the milk will make the yogurt firmer. Stir in the dry milk. Let your milk COOL to room temperature. VERY IMPORTANT. Once the milk is COOL stir in the plain yogurt. This is your starter, like yeast for bread it will grow and multiply and if the milk is too hot you'll kill it. 
Pour into jars, turn on the heat source and walk away. Come back 8 hours later and bingo - yogurt! It's that simple. 
Add your flavors with fresh fruit, honey, cinnamon etc. when you serve it so that the consistency stays firm.
Super cheap, super nutritious!

Remember to save a jar to be your starter for the next batch!
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  1. This sounds great, but I have a question. You start using a store bought container of active yogurt. Your next batch you said to use a jar you made to start. So you can use this instead of buying another container of yogurt at the store?

  2. That's the ticket Terry. Now that you have an active culture of your own you don't need store bought. If your homemade yogurt starts turning out a little too thin you might need to refresh with store bought but I've gone a long time without. What usually happens is someone forgets to save the last jar and eats it!

  3. I so want to try making our own yogurt! I just emailed your blog to my husband to try and convince him we should attempt this! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You really should give it a try Laura. Cheap and easy. Worse case you have made kiefer and can use it in a smoothy or give it to the dog! : )

  4. Is this healthier than greek yogurt? I have a recipe like yours to make greek yogurt using regular yogurt( either plain or vanilla)and straining it. The glitch is you're not making much. I like how this is making more and expanding your supply.

    1. If you strained this yogurt you would get a thicker product or I would add more dry milk which makes the yogurt thicker and see if that achieves the product you're going for.


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